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【BE studio STAFF リレーインタビュー vol.9 】



1. 私の仕事

As a member of AID, I am in charge of the training of all new and existing foreign instructors working at plazas in BE studio as well as the training and development of the mentors around the country who are actively supporting the foreign instructors.


2. 私の毎日 ―代表的な一日の過ごし方―

There is no “typical” day. Days might include training new foreign instructors on how to deliver a BE studio lesson, as well as advising mentors on how to best support the instructors they are mentoring. Or visiting plazas to directly support new and existing instructors. As much as possible I join or conduct interviews with new applicants wishing to join BE studio as well as taking time each week to help resolve various issues that instructors may be having at their plazas.


3. 私の“BE YOURSELF” ―この仕事を志した原点―

I have a deep desire to support and provide care for our instructors as I believe that in order for our students to have the best possible lessons, they need to have a teacher who is satisfied and motivated with their work. I really enjoy working with the teachers and other departments where we come up with different solutions to a variety of situations to help improve teacher`s working environments.


4. 私のやりがい・楽しさ

After meeting and welcoming many teachers from a variety of different cultures from all over the world to BE studio, it`s always a rewarding challenge to teach them about this company and motivate them to want to do the very best for their students. I always feel rewarded when I can see the students have fun and call out English words confidently with the teacher who used to be very nervous before their first lessons.


5. 私の成長エピソード

Last year I began to make trips across the country to meet and create a “single training team”. I was able to meet and train all of the members and witness their growth during the course of the year and we will continue forward with a “one team” mindset!


6. 私の“WANT TO BE” ―これから成し遂げたいこと―

I want to reach a point where BE studio becomes not only the Number 1 choice for children who wish to achieve their goals through English but also the Number 1 choice for teachers who wish to be in a friendly and supportive working environment.

「英語を通じて目標を達成したい」という子どもたち、そして良い職場環境で仕事がしたい外国人の方たちに、BE studioがNo.1だと言ってもらえるよう、外国人講師たちの研修やサポートを更に進化させていきたいです。

*「Assistance for Instructors Department」 通称AID課。外国人講師の採用・配置・育成・労務管理など、外国人講師に関するあらゆるサポートを行っています。